Tea Ware Repairing

Kintsugi —— A Japanese Repairing Technique

We know how frustrated it is to break your precious tea wares.


Sharing the same love of tea wares as you do, we provide Kintsugi repairing service. With lacquer and gold, we can give your broken tea ware a new life.

Pricing & Information
  • Price varies according to the difficulty of reparation. Please fill in the quoting inquiry below in detail.

  • Online quotation is only for your reference. The actual price may change according to the condition of the object, since some tiny cracks may not be easy to notice by picture. If difference in price occurs, we will reach out to you beforehand.

  • Repairing process includes fixing, furnishing and testing for leaks. Please be patient while your tea wares are being repaired.

  • Please pack it carefully and shipped with tracking if you use mailing delivery. We are not hold responsible for any damage occurred during delivery.