Yes, we are a tea house.

But with so much more to discover!

How many different types of tea are there in the world?

What kind of tea is Maokong or Taiwan famous for?

How is tea processed?

When did tea become such a popular drink?

If these questions ever occurred to you, our guide exhibition is all you need.


Tea Tasting

Tea time is always the best time!

You can sit down and enjoy a nice pot of tea by yourselves,

or let us give you a hand in searching for your favorite tea.

Tea Ware Repairing

The value of tea ware lies not in the price,

but in the memories you create with it.

We know how sad it is to break  something you treasure.

After fixing with lacquer and gold,

the new life of your tea ware will be much more valuable!

Advanced Tea Classes

Learn More
(Chinese Only)

Wish to take your knowledge of tea to the next level?


Contact us for a custom-made advanced classes.