1987 Dongding Wulong Tea

1987 Dongding Wulong Tea

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  • Baked with charcoal when processed, but the roasted aroma has already faded during decades of aging
  • Crystal-clear liquor with fruity and herbal aroma
  • Sweet and smooth taste


Processed with a very traditional method-- high fermentation, Dongding Wulong tea was the foundation of Wulong tea we have come to know today. Since the rolling technique back then was not fully developed, tea leaves were mostly in striped form or semi-ball shape.

  • About Aged Teas

    If stored right, tea can last for as long as you like, and the flavor and fragrance will change year after year. When a tea ages, the freshness and astringency gradually fade away, replacing by the herbal aroma and smooth texture. Comparing to new teas, aged teas are less irritant and mild.

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