Grand Prize Tiekuanyin Tea - 2020 Spring

Grand Prize Tiekuanyin Tea - 2020 Spring

  • The highest prize winning Tiekuanyin Tea of this year's spring competition.
  • Processed with Tiekuanyin species rather than other species as a lot of prize-winning teas do.
  • Tiekuanyin species’ mellow aroma and strong taste making it more difficult to win a higher prize in competitions; that’s what makes this tea unique and rare.
  • Mellow aroma when hot, highly fragrant when cold
  • Smooth, sweet taste with a signature fruity flavor
  • Strong and lingering after-taste
  • About Tiekuanyin Tea Competition

    The Tiekuanyin Tea Competition is held in every spring and winter by The Farmers’ Association of Muzha, Taipei. In each competition, there will be 400-600 teas being sampled. The prizes will be given by professional examiners. For our prize-winning tea, we insist in using only Tiekuanyin species to process, just so people can taste the genuine flavor of Tiekuanyin.

  • Standard Packaging of Price-Winning Tea

    • Golden Gift Box: Special designed gift box with matching paper bag makes it the perfect gift for every occasion.
    • Quality Guaranteed: Packed by The Farmers' Association right after winning, and sealed with multiple stickers. There is a specific serial number for each batch of tea to make sure you get what you ask for.
    • Double-layered Packaging: Packed with a vacuum sealed aluminum foil pack and can, the tea is safe and humid-free.


    *Also available in small packages with special price. Please contact us if interested.

  • Instructions

    • Amount of tea leaves used for each brew: About 25% of the volume of tea vessel
    • Time for infusion: About 40-50 seconds
    • Tea leaves can be reused for: 7-8 brews

    To keep your tea fresh, simply seal the opening with a storage clip/sealer and store in a dry and clean place. Keep away from kitchen and fridge to avoid mixture of taste.