1999 Aged Tiekuanyin Tea

1999 Aged Tiekuanyin Tea

SKU: TKY-9900-1
PriceFrom NT$500.00

Naturally aged after processing without re-bake

Stored in clean and moisture-controlled environment

Liquor is clear; tea leaves are still expandable

Smooth aroma and texture without irritation

We also provide 2000-2004 aged Tiekuanyin tea; don't hesitate to reach out if interested.

  • About Aged Teas

    If stored right, tea can last for as long as you like, and the flavor and fragrance will change year after year. When a tea ages, the freshness and astringency gradually fade away, replacing by the herbal aroma and smooth texture. Comparing to new teas, aged teas are less irritant and mild.

  • Packaging - Simple yet Sufficient

    • We provide only necessities, so waste is reduced and shipping fee is saved.
    • Light-proof aluminum foil pack: Simply seal it with a clipper after opening can keep your tea fresh.
  • Instructions

    • Amount of tea leaves used for each brew: About 25% of the volume of tea vessel
    • Time for infusion: About 30-40 seconds
    • Tea leaves can be reused for: 7-8 brews
    1. To keep your tea fresh, simply seal the opening with a storage clip/sealer and store in a dry and clean place. Keep away from kitchen and fridge to avoid mixture of taste.