Ru-Kiln Tea Cup with Hand-Painted Lotus

Ru-Kiln Tea Cup with Hand-Painted Lotus

  • Special color glaze with delicate hand-painted lotus
  • Intricate cracks on the glazing surface will absorb the color of your tea, becoming obvious after using for a while.
  • Every piece has a unique pattern.
  • Same style teapot, pitcher, and tea caddy are also available.
  • Capacity & Dimension

    Capacity: 30 ml

    Dimension: W8.3 * H3.5 cm

  • About Ru Kiln

    Ru Kiln was an official kiln for making porcelain for the Emperor. They use temperature-controlling technique to create intricate cracks on the surface of the glaze; every piece will have a unique pattern. The cracks will absorb colors of tea, becoming more and more obvious as time goes by. Because of its elegance and uniqueness, the Ru-Kiln technique is still well loved by many people to date.

  • Care Instructions

    Wash it clean before the first use.

    After using for a while, cracks on the glaze will gradually emerge.