24th Anniversary Teapot

24th Anniversary Teapot

  • Artisan: Tang Yan-Ping (唐燕萍)
  • Bottom Seal: 張迺妙茶師紀念館監製 二十四週年 (Supervised by Tea Master Chang Nai-Miao Memorial Hall, 24th Anniversary)
  • Size: 12.8 * 9.8 cm
  • Capacity: 250 ml
  • Anniversary Teapots

    To represent each year we built this memorial hall, we pick a style every year and make 50 teapots out of it, having them custom made, using our seal. Each anniversary teapot is numbered and comes with a certificate. Some numbers are reserved for regular clients until other numbers are sold out. If you are a regular client, please contact us to purchase your teapot. If you wish to collect the same number in the future, please also contact us so we can reserve them for you.

  • About Purple Clay

    Purple clay is a special mineral that can only be found in Yixing, China. The best feature of purple clay teapots are their air-pores. They can absorb the color, taste and oil from the tea, enhancing the flavor of your tea.

  • Care Instructions

    1. White powders inside a brand new teapot are powders of mineral, scatterred between the body and the lit when burning, to keep them from sticking. Simply wash them away before the first use will be good.
    2. Since purple clay has airpores, it will absorb the taste of teas. It is more ideal to use one teapot for one type of tea. You can also start by using one for lighter color (low fermented) teas, and one for darker color (highly fermented) teas.
    3. Rinse with clear water after each use. Do not use soap to clean.
    4. After using for a while, the teapot will be darker in color and shinier. You can polish it with a dry towel to make it even more shiny.