Special Style Medium Teapot

Special Style Medium Teapot

PriceFrom NT$900.00

Capacity & Measurement

  • Designers' Medium 1: 100 ml / W10 * H7 cm / For 2-4 people
  • Weight: 100 ml / W9.5 * H7 cm / For 2-4 people
  • Designers' Medium 2: 105 ml / W11 * H5.5 cm / For 2-4 people
  • Designers' Medium 3: 105 ml / W11 * H6.3 cm / For 2-4 people
  • Designers' Medium 4: 120 ml / W10.5 * H6.5 cm / For 2-4 people


*"Designer's Medium 2" was made with a new patch of clay, which looks slightly different than the other teapots.

  • About Our Teapots

    Almost all of our purple clay teapots are custom made in Yixing by young artisans, perfect for personal use, or for a small group of families and friends. These custom teapots specifically, are designed by our artisan friend, and are one of the kind in the market. They are inexpensive but very handy.

  • About Purple Clay

    Purple clay is a special mineral that can only be found in Yixing, China. The best feature of purple clay teapots are their air-pores. They can absorb the color, taste and oil from the tea, enhancing the flavor of your tea.


    Purple Clay comes in a variety of colors and texture, that may also change according to burning temperature etc. We are trying our best to showcase the colors correctly in the pictures, and will specify if there are significant differences in between two batches of clay. However, please note that the colors you see will also be affected by lighting and monitor setting.

  • Care Instructions

    1. White powders inside a brand new teapot are powders of mineral, scatterred between the body and the lid when burning, to keep them from sticking. Simply wash them away before the first use will be good.
    2. Since purple clay has airpores, it will absorb the taste of teas. It is more ideal to use one teapot for one type of tea. You can also start by using one for lighter color (low fermented) teas, and one for darker color (highly fermented) teas.
    3. Rinse with clear water after each use. Do not use soap to clean.
    4. After using for a while, the teapot will be darker in color and shinier. You can polish it with a dry towel to make it even more shiny.