1979 White Tipped Wulong

1979 White Tipped Wulong

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  • Mellow texture with a strong mouth full of taste.
  • Naturally aged without rebaking.
  • Distinctive taste and aroma from the species, as well as the natural sweetness, are well preserved even after aging.


White Tipped Wulong is later known as Oriental Beauty. It was bitten by the cicadas when growing, hence having those unique and natural honey scent.

  • About Aged Teas

    If stored right, tea can last for as long as you like, and the flavor and fragrance will change year after year. When a tea ages, the freshness and astringency gradually fade away, replacing by the herbal aroma and smooth texture. Comparing to new teas, aged teas are less irritant and mild.

  • Packaging - Simple yet Sufficient

    • We provide only necessities, so waste is reduced and shipping fee is saved.
    • Light-proof aluminum foil pack: Simply seal it with a clipper after opening can keep your tea fresh.
  • Instructions

    • Amount of tea leaves used for each brew: About 25% of the volume of tea vessel
    • Time for infusion: About 30-40 seconds
    • Tea leaves can be reused for: 7-8 brews


    To keep your tea fresh, simply seal the opening with a storage clip/sealer and store in a dry and clean place. Keep away from kitchen and fridge to avoid mixture of taste.