Phoenix Wulong (Honey Orchid) - 2019 Spring

Phoenix Wulong (Honey Orchid) - 2019 Spring

PriceFrom NT$450.00
  • Grown in Guangdong, China.
  • The species itself comes with natural floral and sweet aroma, different from that of the Oriental Beauty Tea.
  • Taste sweet but is still strong and rich.
  • About Dancong

    Phoenix Wulong, aka Fenghuang Dancong is a special kind of Wulong tea from China. The name "Dancong" means "single bush," because it was selected from a range of seed-planted tea trees, with each tree specified as one species. Fenghuang Dacong is the Dancong grown in Fenghuang "Phoenix" Mountain in Guangzhou, China. Some common species of Fenghuang Dancong include Duck Shit, Honey Orchid, Bai Ye, Osmanthus, etc., each of which has its distinctive feature.

  • Packaging - Simple yet Sufficient

    • We provide only the necessities, so waste is reduced and shipping fee is saved.
    • Light-proof aluminum foil pack: Simply seal it with a clipper after opening can keep your tea fresh.
  • Instructions

    • Amount of tea leaves used for each brew: About 60% of the volume of tea vessel
    • Time for infusion: About 30-40 seconds
    • Tea leaves can be reused for: 7-8 brews

    To keep your tea fresh, simply seal the opening with a storage clip/sealer and store in a dry and clean place. Keep away from kitchen and fridge to avoid mixture of taste.