Assam White Tea - 2019

Assam White Tea - 2019

SKU: AWT-1902

Processed with Assam species from Sun and Moon Lake

Distinctive aroma from the species

Sweet and flavorful taste

Perfect tea for beginners — even after 10 or more minutes of steeping, it will not be bitter

Short steep for sweetness, long steep for richness

  • About White Tea

    In 2016, we cooperated with farmers from Taiwan to introduce the processing method of white tea to Taiwan, starting to produce Taiwanese white teas. The leaves will go through a week of withering under the morning sun, laying piece by piece, not one over another. Although only 2% fermented, its caffeine level is very low after highly withered. It is a great tea for cooling off in summer.

  • Packaging - Simple yet Sufficient

    • We provide only the necessities, so waste is reduced and shipping fee is saved.
    • Light-proof aluminum foil pack: Simply seal it with a clipper after opening can keep your tea fresh.
    • Detailed instructions: With the attached instructions in Chinese, English, and Japanese, anyone can make a pot of nice tea.
  • Instructions

    Amount of tea leaves used for each brew: About 70% of the volume of tea vessel

    Time for infusion: About 30-40 seconds; can be steep without bitterness

    Tea leaves can be reused for: 9-10 brews (for regular steeping time)


    To keep your tea fresh, simply seal the opening with a storage clip/sealer and store in a dry and clean place. Keep away from kitchen and fridge to avoid mixture of taste


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