Assam Red Tea (Honey & Pollen Taste)

Assam Red Tea (Honey & Pollen Taste)


Assam is a species originated from India, introduced to Taiwan during Japanese colonial period.

Domesticated in Taiwan, this now improved Assam species provides us with delicate aroma and more mellow texture.

Bitterness and astringency are significantly reduced.

Enjoy by itself or add milk or lemon


Harvested from an organic tea plantation, with honey bees resting on the tea trees, bringing honey and pollen onto the leaves. Rich in aroma of honey and pollen, with a unique sweetness in taste, this is one of the most unique tea from 2019. It is also available in Ruby species.

  • About Red Tea

    Known as black tea in English, red tea is one of the smoothest tea. It is 100% fermented; its low caffein level makes it save for people who would have trouble sleeping after drinking tea. We choose some of the best species from Taiwan to process red tea. Their natural sweetness and rich aroma are very pleasing even without adding sugar or milk.