Double-Layered Heat-Resistant Glass Pitcher

Double-Layered Heat-Resistant Glass Pitcher

SKU: TWA-303-
PriceFrom NT$250.00
  • Made of heat-resistant glass, showcasing the color of your tea perfectly in the safest way
  • Double-layered design for you to grab without feeling any heat
  • Capacity & Dimension

    • S: 150 ml / W8 * H8 cm
    • L: 200 ml / W10 * H9.5 cm
  • About Pitcher

    A pitcher is used to hold and distribute tea into individual cups. After steeping tea in the teapot, pouring it into a pitcher to help mixing it, so that everyone can enjoy the same taste of tea.

  • Care Instructions

    Rinse with clear water before using for the first time.

    In case of tea staining after using for a long time, simply soak it overnight with dishwashing powder and rinse it clean.

    Avoid using scrubs to clean as it would scratch the surface, making it easier to stain in the future.