Signature Ivory Cup

Signature Ivory Cup

  • Custom-made in Taiwan by a famous porcelain factory --SanXiTang.
  • Gold foil stamped with our name --張迺妙茶師紀念館 (Tea Master Chang Nai-miao Memorial Hall)
  • Ivory can compliment the color of the tea
  • Same style as used un our teahouse, also available in cups
  • Capacity & Dimension

    Sniffing Cup (Tall): 30 ml / W4 * H 5.5 cm

    Drinking Cup (Short): 30 ml / W6.8 * H3.5 cm

  • About Signature Cups

    Our signature cups have two styles to choose from -- sniffing cup and drinking cup. Sniffing cup, the tall cup, can gather up the aroma for you to appreciate more clearly. Drinking cup, the short cup, can help the tea to cool down quicker so it won't burn your lips. Both styles are specially designed with a widen edge, allowing you to hold them without burning your fingers.

  • Care Instructions

    • Rinse with clear water before using for the first time.
    • In case of tea staining after using for a long time, simply soak it overnight with dishwashing powder and rinse it clean.
    • Avoid using scrubs to clean as it would scratch the glazing, making it easier to stain in the future.