Porcelain Water Kettle

Porcelain Water Kettle

PriceFrom NT$1,300.00
  • Porcelain kettle with special coating, making it stove safe.
  • (Optional) Pair it with custom stove and alcohol lamp to keep the kettle warm.
  • Capacity & Dimension

    • Kettle: 1400 ml / L17 * W12 * H19 cm
    • Stove: W18.5 * H12.5 cm
  • About Kettle Set


    • Coated with special glaze, the kettle can be boiled directly on the gas or electrical stove. You can move it on to the custom stove after boiled to keep it warm.
    • Classic bamboo handle for you to hold up the kettle without burning your hand.
    • The kettle is very light-weighted, making it easy to carry around.

    Stove & Alcohol Lamp

    • Every stove comes with an alcohol lamp to keep your kettle warm.
    • No electricity needed, sparing you from the wire. It not only keeps you away from the danger of tripping, but also allows you to use the kettle indoor and outdoor.
    • Use alcohol as fuel—— no smell, burnt out automatically when there is no alcohol; perfectly safe even if you forget to put out the fire.
    • The sprout of the lamp is made of porcelain instead of cotton. There is no need to change as it will never be burnt out, saving money and resources at the same time.
  • Care Instructions

    Rinse it clean before the first use.

    After using for a while, there may be white water stain inside the kettle. Simply soak it in white vinegar for a while to gently brush it away.

    Alcohol lamp requires industrial alcohol as fuel. You may get it from industrial material shop.