International Shipping Updates

Due to COVID-19, shippings are currently only available for certain countries. For more information, please refer to the link below. We also recommend you to reach out to us before placing an order for more updated information.

Welcome to Tea Master Chang Nai-Miao Memorial Hall!

Tea Master Chang Nai-Miao is the pioneer of Taiwanese Tiekuanyin Tea Plantation. He introduced Tiekuanyin Tea to Muzha, where we are located, in 1895, making this place the largest plantation of Tiekuanyin Tea in Taiwan ever since. 


As the decendants of the Tea Master, we devote ourselves to preserve and promote the knowledge of teas and tea culture. We also cooperate with farmers from all over Taiwan to provide a variety of high-quality Taiwanese teas.


We provide Mandarin, English, Taiwanese, and Cantonese services.


We provide a variety of Taiwanese teas, teapots and tea wares for sale.


We have a clean and bright space for tea tasting or sampling.


A guided exhibition is provided on the second floor for detailed knowledge about tea, tea culture and tea wares.